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ECI was founded on a straightforward yet concrete thesis: Quantitative-driven solutions are paramount to the success of managing risk and creating alpha in the digital asset markets.

ECI continues to support this foundational thesis and leverages internal quantitative capabilities to structure private strategies aimed at creating excess alpha in the digital asset markets. ECI will continually create unique investment solutions that exploit inefficiencies and generate sustainable returns for our stakeholders.

Pure Fund

The Pure Fund was constructed to be a simplified long-term vehicle for risk-adjusted Bitcoin exposure. Leveraging ECI’s original adaptive algorithm [theBrain], this strategy shifts the portfolio allocation between underweight and overweight to create alpha during bearish volatility. ECI continues to view Bitcoin as the most solidified long-term hold within the digital asset space.

Ceres Fund

Quantitative-driven, short-term-focused, and algorithmically deployed, the Ceres Fund exemplifies algorithmic alpha. This long/short strategy is volatility seeking and targets a pool of the largest digital assets by market capitalization and volume. Staying true to our thesis, this strategy leverages advanced quantitative finance and mathematical modeling techniques to exploit intraday inefficiencies within the defined markets.

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